Grace Orthodox Presbyterian Church stands in the historic Christian Reformed and Presbyterian tradition.

The Orthodox Presbyterian Church (OPC) is a Bible-believing, Bible-teaching Presbyterian denomination that began in the 1930s. Although we use the word Orthodox in our name, we are not to be confused with churches in the Eastern Orthodox tradition.

Orthodox simply means “straight teaching.” From the Greek ortho meaning “straight” and dox meaning “teaching.”

We believe

  • that the Bible, consisting of the Old and New Testaments, is the infallible and inerrant word of God.

  • that the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is the one living and triune God, one God forever and ever, maker of heaven and earth.

  • that God created mankind, male and female, morally upright and in His image. As a result of sin and rebellion against God, however, mankind has fallen from this upright condition and the image of God has been severely marred in him.

  • that all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God and that sin, being committed against God’s supreme majesty, is worthy of the supreme penalty – eternal punishment of body and soul.

We believe

  • that God, out of the riches of His grace and mercy, has provided salvation for His people through a Redeemer, Jesus Christ.

  • that Jesus is the eternal Son of God who, in the fullness of time, humbled Himself by taking to Himself a true human nature and being born of a virgin. He lived a sinless life and in an act of great love offered Himself at the cross to make full atonement for the sins of His people.

  • that on the third day He was raised from the dead and now sits at the right hand of God the Father, interceding for His people, until He comes again to judge the living and the dead.

  • that salvation is a gift of God’s grace alone and is accomplished through the regenerating work of the Holy Spirit, who enables the guilty sinner to repent of his sins and to rely exclusively upon the person and work of Jesus Christ for a right standing with God.

Grace OPC is a confessionally Reformed church. We affirm the historic Christian faith as expressed in the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.

The Westminster Confession of Faith and the Westminster Larger and Shorter Catechisms provide a more complete expression of what the Bible teaches.